Author Interview with Melody S. Lark

Today we welcome Melody S. Lark.

Book ‘Em:  Tell us about you and your life outside of writing.

Melody Lark:  I’m married with a grown daughter currently living in Louisville, KY with our three cats, yes I’m the crazy cat lady! I love to travel and have been around the world twice, so far.

Book ‘Em:  Which books have you written? What are they about and why did you choose to write them? Do your books have a message? Are they fiction or nonfiction?

Melody Lark:  I write women’s fiction and if there is a message it would be there is always hope. My current release is Lighted Windows, a story of love and hope set in a Montana winter. This was a book I’d planned to write and finally finished. I write because there are so many books in my head I really need to get them out, make room for more books!

Book ‘Em:  Do you have a work in progress?

Melody Lark:  My second book, Mind Matters, is ready to format and publish while the third fourth and fifth books are in various stages of completion. I have outlines for five more books and opening paragraphs for three more. We moved from California to Kentucky this summer and three more book ideas resulted for our travels. So, yes I have a few things working just now.

Book ‘Em:  What was the most difficult section/piece you ever wrote? What made it difficult?

Melody Lark:  There are difficult sections to every story but the most difficult one so far is a scene in Lighted Windows. I can’t really tell you a lot about it because it would ruin the book for you but I can say it is very sad and it took me four tries to finish it because it always made me cry.

Book ‘Em:  What sort of research do you do for your work?

Melody Lark:  With all my traveling around I meet some interesting people but if I need answers I will turn to blogs, other writers and naturally, Google.

Book ‘Em:  Which books and authors do you read for pleasure? Is there an author that inspires you?

Melody Lark:  I enjoy a wide variety of books but my current favorite is James Rollins mostly because I have met the author and he is a really interesting guy. I am a big fan of Linda Howard and strive in my work to write as well as she does.

Book ‘Em:  Was there a person who encouraged you to write?

Melody Lark:  My senior year I took an AP literature class and Mr. Epstein was the teacher. He told me once that the short story I turned in was better than the A+ he’d given me and he hoped I would continue to write and work at getting published.

Book ‘Em:  What would you say are your strengths as an author?

Melody Lark:  I’m not sure I can answer that as I’m not sure any of us really knows what our strengths are but if I had to pick I say I am stubborn. I will write a book, re-write it keep working at it until it is the best I can make it. I believe in learning as much about my craft as I can and take online courses to improve. I follow other authors blogs and always try to do it better.

Book ‘Em:  How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine?

Melody Lark:  I write when the muse is upon me and whenever there is time to commit the scenes in my head onto the computer screen. I don’t have a strict routine as I really need to be in the moment to write well. If the muse isn’t working, I edit, edit, edit and redo everything!

Book ‘Em:  Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a writer?

Melody Lark:  This is a question that agents ask all the time although several I have spoken to ask about ten years from now. I must apologize but at my age, in five years I would like to see myself still alive and writing! 😊

Book ‘Em:  If you could offer one piece of advice to a novice writer, what would it be?

Melody Lark:  Never, Ever, Give Up! Don’t listen to the trolls, learn every day, work at writing better sentences, paragraphs and write constantly. Practice really does make better, I don’t believe we can reach perfect but why not try!

Book “Em:  What would you consider the best compliment a reader could give your book?

Melody Lark:  “I loved it! I laughed, I cried and I can’t wait to read the next book!” This is a review I hope to merit one day! 😊

Book ‘Em:  Provide an excerpt of your writing that you would like to share with our members.

Melody Lark:

This whole mission stunk. Annalee popped her ears as the jet climbed laboriously to cruising altitude. She’d felt the first quivers during the pre-mission briefing. They were to meet with a British agent and assist with locating the source of the leak in their intelligence service. The efforts of the British service hadn’t closed the hole, making them desperate to avoid another public embarrassment. Annalee wasn’t requested per se, but it was known that the Americans had someone capable of feeling out problems and resolving them without involving extreme measures. Neither service made any direct statements but the briefing Annalee had received indicated the problem might be coming from their higher command or at least, that is what the British had obliquely inferred.

The above is the opening sequence from Mind Matters, a spy thriller wrapped in a love story with death, betrayal and a dash across the European landscape.


My blog/website is:;;;; Twitter:@melodyskylark;

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