Author Spotlight with Linda Case

Linda L. Case is the former President/Owner of Case Accounting and Tax Service and is currently semi-retired and living in Santa Barbara County, California. She is a graduate of Ohio State University, a life member of the Ohio State Alumni Association and loves The Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team. She enjoys playing bridge, cooking, spending time with her family and volunteering with the AARP Tax Assistance program.

Linda’s true story, The Fugitive’s Sister, reveals how quickly an American Dream can become an American Nightmare. Linda’s sister, Rebecca (Becky) Parrett, was convicted by a jury of multiple white-collar crimes, looking at up to seventy-five years in prison. Prior to sentencing, Becky was allowed to get on a plane to go from Ohio to Arizona unaccompanied by any law enforcement personnel whatsoever! She escaped, disappeared and became one of AMERICA’S MOST WANTED fugitives. Then…she contacted Linda for help. What happened next is a warning to all…

A never before told story of justice gone awry, of a grandmother handcuffed, shackled and imprisoned. Linda says, “I put my grief into words and wrote about it…crying over every word. Everyone has a story to tell and I hope that my story will encourage and inspire others to do the same. Write your story down! It is therapeutic… put your story on paper.”

John Grisham, Dan Brown and Ann Rule are her favorite authors.

Linda (and her Publisher) are optimistic that The Fugitive’s Sister will become a top-rated movie in the near future. She was nominated for the 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award (GAYA) and recently was a finalist in the 2017 Kindle Book Awards.


Excerpt: The Fugitive’s Sister

Worst Day of My Life

February 12, 2010


Ten days before heading south to Mexico to realize my dreams and be near my best friend and daughter, I was arrested. At age 66, a grandmother with no prior criminal record of any kind, a SWAT team hauled me off to jail like a bag of common garbage!


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