Author Interview with Shirley King McCann

Today we welcome Shirley King McCann.

Book ‘Em:  Tell us about you and your life outside of writing.

Shirley King McCann:  I’m a widow of two years with two grown children and five grandchildren. I live in Springfield, Missouri.

Book ‘Em:  Which books have you written? What are they about and why did you choose to write them? Do your books have a message? Are they fiction or nonfiction?

Shirley King McCann:  My books are all fiction. I love creating characters and places. And someone always end up dead in my stories.

Book ‘Em:  Do you have a work in progress?

Shirley King McCann:  Yes. I’m working on the 3rd series in The Scarry Inn Series.

Book ‘Em:  What was the most difficult section/piece you ever wrote? What made it difficult?

Shirley King McCann:  That’s a tough one. I wrote one about my family with many of their characteristics, but I’ve never finished it. Not sure I ever will.

Book ‘Em:  What sort of research do you do for your work?

Shirley King McCann:  People watching. Internet. Eavesdropping. You name it.

Book ‘Em:  Which books and authors do you read for pleasure? Is there an author that inspires you?

Shirley King McCann:  I love Mary Higgins Clark. She’s my inspiration because she didn’t get published in fiction until later in life. But I also love R.L. Stine, David Baldacci and Lisa Jackson. And that’s just a few.

Book ‘Em:  Was there a person who encouraged you to write?

Shirley King McCann:  My late husband. He bought me my first word processor.

Book ‘Em:  What would you say are your strengths as an author?

Shirley King McCann:  Plotting. Description takes a lot of work for me.

Book ‘Em:  How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine?

Shirley King McCann:  I try to write everyday now. At least a short story, if not a novel. I never use an outline. I never know where my story will take me.

Book ‘Em:  Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a writer?

Shirley King McCann:  More successful, I hope.

Book ‘Em:  If you could offer one piece of advice to a novice writer, what would it be?

Shirley King McCann:  Keep writing and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.

Book ‘Em:  What would you consider the best compliment a reader could give your book?

Shirley King McCann:  Got an email the other day telling me how much she loved it and couldn’t put it down. And that it should be a movie. Made my day.

Book ‘Em:  Provide an excerpt of your writing that you would like to share with our members.

Shirley King McCann:

Beau directed the flashlight beam toward her face as she brought her hand up to reveal a brownish, red substance. In a fevered rush, Heidi felt the blood drain from her face. Her body sagged with a fear she’d never experienced before. She held her breath and followed Beau’s light as he slowly directed the beam toward her feet.

Bile rose in her throat.

Beneath the bed, Kara’s hair knotted around her face in tangles of dried blood. A jagged gash followed her neck from one side to the other. Her normally flawless complexion was now a distorted mix of shock and horror.

Clutching her stomach, Heidi rocked slowly back and forth. Her scream started soft and low, before it escalated into a spine-tingling sound that reverberated off the walls.

She bolted for the door, barely making it outside before her insides poured out.

The Scarry Inn

The Coffin



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